Activists push for gun control, and other UUs in the media

UU activists push for gun control

A multi-part series looking at perspectives on gun control and gun use in East Tennessee includes an interview with John Bohstedt, one of four people who helped subdue a gunman at Knoxville’s Tennessee Valley UU Church five years ago (part 3, Bohstedt segment begins at 3:12). UU World interviewed Bohstedt about the experience in 2008. ( – 2.27.13, – 7.28.08, 8.1.08)

First UU Church of San Diego, Calif., hosted a rally against gun violence and debate about gun control laws. Coverage includes a short video. (NBC San Diego – 3.4.13)

The Rev. Beth Johnson, of the Palomar UU Fellowship in Vista, Calif., took part in a candlelight vigil for gun safety. (The Coast News )

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Climate change activism

Tim Brennan, treasurer and chief financial officer of the Unitarian Universalist Association, argues that divestment from fossil fuel companies is not the only solution to climate change. (Huffington Post – 2.26.13)

Brennan is interviewed in an article reporting on two shareholder resolutions aiming to demonstrate that coal companies would be overvalued in financial markets if carbon regulation becomes the norm. (Inside Climate News – 3.7.13)

Youth volunteers, advocate ministers, and more

Youth from First Church of Belmont, Mass., spent their winter school vacation week volunteering in New Orleans. (The Belmont Citizen-Herald – 3.2.13)

The Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis, minister of Northwoods UU Church the The Woodlands, Tex., is interviewed in a TV news segment about religious leaders advocating for increased funding of women’s health, including birth control for low-income women. (KXAN – 3.4.13)

The Rev. Marti Keller, minister of the UU Congregation of Atlanta, was named Georgia’s Chaplain of the Day. (North Druid Hills-Briarcliff Patch – 3.2.13)

Darlene Anderson-Alexander, director of religious education at the UU Congregation of Danbury, Conn., writes about the First Principle, the Golden Rule, and why we should respect people of all faiths. (Danbury News-Times – 3.2.13)

A peace vigil at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, La., honored those who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (The Advocate – 3.4.13)

A finial stone that was cracked by lightning will be reinstalled on the bell tower of First UU Church of Marietta, Ohio. (The Marietta Times – 3.4.13)

The Rev. Fred Wooden, senior minister of Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, Mich., weighs in on the debate about how much control religious institutions should have over the lives and values of their employees. ( – 2.26.13)

Members of Manatee, Fla., UU Fellowship showed their support for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, who are calling on the Publix grocery chain to join the Fair Food Program. (Bradenton Herald – 3.2.13)

The Rev. Daniel Kanter, senior minister of First Unitarian Church of Dallas, Tex., is one of several faith leaders who responded to the question, “Considering the debate over immigration, what does your faith say about bridging justice and compassion?” (The Dallas Morning News – 2.26.13)

The Rev. Roger Butts, an anti-death-penalty activist, argues that there seems to be an “arbitrary nature” to Colorado’s imposition of the death penalty. (Huffington Post – 2.27.13)

The Rev. Mike Morran of First Unitarian Society of Denver, Colo., is quoted in an article about religious-based adoption agencies objecting to civil unions. (The Gazette – 3.1.13)