Baptists concerned about Unitarian takeover, and other UUs in the media

Baptist group concerned Unitarians will take over

A report from a Southern Baptist organization argued that a court case regarding prayer in public meetings could have a surprising effect: “We shouldn’t have a state-sponsored Baptist church, I agree, but we shouldn’t have a state-sponsored Unitarian church either, and that’s what some are attempting,” Baptist official Russell D. Moore said. (Rawstory – 08.04.13)

Los Angeles church suing over electronic surveillance

The First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles is part of a group of organizations suing the National Security Agency over its monitoring program. Minister the Rev. Rick Hoyt appears in a video interview about the suit. ( – 08.08.13)

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A steeple-raising, climate change, and more

The First Parish Church in Dorchester, Mass., held a celebration as the steeple of their building was restored to its original position. Watch video here. (Boston Globe – 08.06.13)

UUA Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Tim Brennan took part in a panel of nonprofit leaders discussing how organizations are dealing with the ramifications of climate change, including rising sea levels. (Boston Globe – 08.06.13)

The Third Place Garden and Community Center in Turley, Okla., led by UU minister the Rev. Ron Robinson, is providing a safe space, meals, and Internet access for local residents in an impoverished community. (Mother Nature Network – 07.27.13)

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The Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society is offering a $50 voucher to any local resident who turns in a gun to the Middlebury, Vt., police department. (Addison County Independent – 08.08.13)

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UU community minister David Etherington, a former immigration lawyer, was profiled about his call to social justice work. (Ocala Star Banner – 08.03.13)