UU identity, clergy, and tax law, and other UUs in the media

Diving into clergy tax issues and theology

The Rev. Sarah Lammert, the UUA’s Director of Ministries and Faith Development, gave a spirited explanation of Unitarian Universalism and its theological diversity in a piece in Forbes about the theology and tax status of clergy in the United States. Clergy get special tax status for their housing allowance, and some humanists are upset the IRS does not always recognize religious leaders who are openly atheist. (Forbes – 8.26.13)

The Rev. Molly Housh Gordon, minister of the UU Church of Columbia, Mo., was quoted at a rally supporting fast-food workers who are seeking better wages. (Missouri Columbian – 8.30.13) Gordon also appeared in a TV interview. (komu.com – 8.30.13)

UUs share their views, a lawsuit over foster care, and more

Tim Barger, a UU community minister who works as religion editor for the Toledo Blade, reflected on the use of water in many religious traditions, including the UU tradition of the water communion. (Toledo Blade – 8.24.13)

Melissa Bedford, a member of the UU Church of Columbia, Mo., wrote about her faith and its intersection with her sexual identity and orientation. (Columbia Missourian – 8.30.13)

A response to a conversation about the afterlife references both Universalist minister and theologian Hosea Ballou and UU minister Alan Taylor. (Oakpark.com – 8.27.13)

UU minister Greg Stewart is part of a lawsuit challenging a rule that prohibits same-sex couples in Nebraska from being foster parents. (Journal Star – 8.27.13)

The St. Croix Unitarian Fellowship in the U.S. Virgin Islands will have its first consistent ministerial presence ever with the arrival of Jim Foti, who will serve a ministerial internship at the fellowship. (Country Messenger – 8.29.13)

Activist and incoming seminary student Tim DeChristopher was interviewed about his work and beginning his ministerial formation. (Boston magazine – 8 .27.13)