Congregations dive into racial issues, and more UUs in the media

Two All Souls and two stories about racial encounters

A radio story last month featured All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Okla., prominently, discussing how the church has succeeded and struggled in its efforts to integrate racially. (State of the Re:Union – 10.15.13) See UU World‘s Fall 2009 story about All Souls here.

All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, D.C., is the subject of a story about Eleanor Roosevelt and how she encountered racial diversity in its facilities. (Times Herald – 11.9.13)

The Jericho Road Lawrence project, which was started by members of the North Andover North Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in North Andover, Mass., was highlighted for its work in promoting diversity on non-profit boards in their community. (Boston Globe – 11.14.13) UU World profiled the original Jericho Road partnership in Spring 2010.

Pieces here, here, and here about the Sunday Assembly, a new atheist church, mention Unitarian Universalism as a comparison or alternative, as does UU minister and religion writer Tim Barger in his weekly column. (The American Prospect – 11.8.13, Collegiate Times – 10.11.13, New Republic – 10.11.13, Toledo Blade – 11.9.13)

Supporting a local Muslim group, stolen quilts, and more

The Rev. Carie Johnson, of the Universalist Unitarian church in Augusta, Maine, spoke in support of a Muslim group’s plan to build a mosque in her city. The plan was approved by local officials. (Kennebec Journal – 11.13.13)

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Duluth, Minn., would like to see two quilts that were stolen from inside the church returned. One of the theft victims isn’t even upset about it—she wants the quilts back for sentimental reasons, but offered to make a new quilt for anyone who returns them. (Duluth News Tribune – 11.9.13)

Unitarian Universalists were among a group of people praying outside the Environmental Protection Agency, urging that group to cut the emissions that coal plants are allowed to produce legally. (Daily Caller – 11.8.13)

Judith Zimmerman will become the first minister ever ordained by the UU Church of Washington County, Oregon, tonight. (The Oregonian – 11.10.13)