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UUs and Obama, reclaiming Black Friday, and more

How Obama can reform human-rights policy
William Schulz, former executive director of Amnesty International USA and UUA president, suggests five initiatives that could help President Barack Obama signal the start of a new era in U.S. human-rights policy. (Boston Globe – 11.25.08)

Theodore Parker’s indirect influence on Obama
A letter to the editor in the New Yorker points to the contributions of the 19th-century Unitarian minister and abolitionist Theodore Parker to president-elect Barack Obama’s victory speech. The writer points out that famous phrases uttered by Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were adapted from Parker’s work. (New Yorker – 12/8/08)

Taking back Black Friday
Bill Doherty, a family social science professor at the University of Minnesota and a UU World contributor, led a gathering at Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul, Minn., on Black Friday urging people to stop the shopping madness and reclaim the holiday season in the name of reflection and family. And his cry has not gone unheard—at least by the media. Some of the stories that talk about Doherty’s efforts:

Shop ’til you drop? This group says not (Star Tribune – Minneapolis-St. Paul 11.28.08)

U professor Bill Doherty works to help families recapture the deeper spirit of the holidays (UMNews – 12.5.08)

Shopping frenzy tramples right over the reason for the season (Star Tribune – Minneapolis-St. Paul 12.1.08)

Religious groups feeling effects of poor economy
The Boston Globe examines how clergy and religious organizations such as the UUA are preparing for a major downturn in giving. (Boston Globe – 11.30.08)

Notable author, UU dies
Pamela Morgan, co-author of the popular women’s health book Our Bodies, Ourselves, and an active member of First Unitarian Society in Newton, Mass., died November 17 of pancreatic cancer. (Newton TAB – Needham, MA 11.24.08)

Opposing Proposition 8
Lindi Ramsden of the UU Legislative Ministry is interviewed in a story about a recent gathering of 5,000 opponents of California’s Proposition 8 at the state’s capitol building. (San Francisco Chronicle – 11.23.08)

UU councilwoman still in trouble for remarks
Beaufort County Councilwoman Laura Von Harten, a member of the UU Fellowship of Beaufort, S.C., has drawn fire for anti-Catholic remarks she made during a zoning debate. Despite her public apology, and a statement from her minister on the importance of the separation of church and state, she remains the focus of heavy criticism. (Hilton Head Island Packet – Hilton Head Island, SC 11.21.08)

In the congregations
The UU Church of Santa Clarita Valley respond to the recent fires in California. (Signal – Santa Clarita, CA 11.21.08)

See also: Fires affect California UUs (uuworld.org – 12.1.08)

The First Unitarian Society of Madison’s newly completed $9.1 million “green” building addition to its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Meeting House is a study in how an addition can successfully work with the design of a historic structure. (Chicago Tribune – 11.26.08)

See also: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unitarian Universalist churches (UU World – May/June 2005)

The Morristown, N.J., Unitarian Fellowship is also planning a “green” expansion to its 96-year-old building. (Dailyrecord.com – Parsippany, NJ 11.24.08)

The UU Congregation of South County in South Kingston, R.I., gives thanks for its new building and for being nominated as a Breakthrough Congregation. (South County Independent – Wakefield, RI 11.26.08)

The UU Society of Fairhaven, Mass., Alternative Gift Fair encourages shoppers to cut out the Christmas clutter and buy items and services for needy people around the world in the name of loved ones. (South Coast Today – New Bedford, MA 11.23.08)

The First Universalist Church in Pittsfield, Maine, is set to start offering a weekly free lunch to anyone who wants one. (Central Maine Morning Sentinel – Augusta, ME 12.1.08)

The Rev. Anne Felton Hines, minister of Emerson UU Church in Canoga Park, Calif., reflects on her 25 years in the ministry. (Los Angeles Daily News – 11.28.08)

The Rev. Dr. Tess Baumberger, minister of Unity Church in North Easton, Mass., writes about the value of covenant. (Easton Journal – Raynham, MA 11.20.08)

Chris Walton contributed to this week’s blog.

UUA launches lawsuit, UU politician in hot water, and more

UUs rally against Proposition 8
As California Attorney General Jerry Brown pushed the state’s Supreme Court to let Proposition 8 take effect, the UUA filed a lawsuit (with the California Council on Churches, the Episcopal Bishop of California, the General Synod of the United Church of Christ, the Progressive Jewish Alliance) to overturn the measure. Proposition 8 bans same-sex marriage in California. (Los Angeles Times – 11.18.08)

See also: Court to hear Prop 8 cases (Bay Area Reporter – San Francisco 11.20.08)

UUs were among those at a series of demonstrations supporting same-sex marriage, which took place across the country on Saturday in reaction to California’s Proposition 8. The Bay Area Reporter covered the rally in San Francisco, as well as turnout in other cities. Also covered in the media were rallies in White Plains, N.Y., and Idaho Falls, Idaho. (Bay Area Reporter – San Francisco 11.20.08 / Lower Hudson Journal news – West Harrison, NY 11.16.08 / KPVI-TV – Pocatello, ID 11.15.08)

Minister recalls Selma tragedy
The Rev. Clark Olsen, who was with fellow UU minister the Rev. James Reeb in Selma, Ala., the night he was killed in 1965, recalls the events of the night and talks about the fight for civil rights. (Toledo Blade – Toledo, OH 11.20.08)

UU councilwoman in hot water over Catholic remarks
Beaufort County Councilwoman Laura Von Harten, a member of the UU Fellowship of Beaufort, S.C., has apologized for anti-Catholic remarks she made during a zoning debate. Meanwhile her minister, the Rev. Nan White, reaffirmed the UU commitment to freedom of religion. (Beaufort Gazette – Beaufort, SC 11.19.08)

In the congregations
The First Unitarian Society of Madison. Wisc., just unveiled the $9.1 million “green” building addition to its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Meeting House. (Capital Times – Madison, WI 11.18.08)

See also: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unitarian Universalist churches (UU World – May/June 2005)

UUs of the Cumberland Valley in Boiling Springs, Pa., are raising money to help send Mozambique women to school. (Carlisle Sentinel – Carlisle, PA 11.17.08)

Youth from the First Unitarian Church in Lynchburg, Va., joined hundreds of people in Washington, D.C., for a “Gathering of the Tents” to raise awareness of the plight of Darfur refugees. (Lynchburg News and Advance – Lynchburg, VA 11.14.08)

See also: Tents draw attention to Darfurian refugees’ plight (uuworld.org – 9.8.08)

The Rev. Sandra D. Fitz-Henry, minister of Murray UU Church in Attleboro, Mass., writes about the importance of respecting our differences. (Attleboro Sun Chronicle – Attleboro, MA 11.15.08)

Bob Vilt of the Austin Daily Herald writes about the experience of visiting the First UU Church in Rochester, Minn. (Austin Herald – Austin, MN 11.19.08)

TUUL-Belt Ministry, justice issues, and more

TUUL-Belt Ministry helps end three-year journey
The New York Times tells the tale of two tractor-trailers worth of high-quality tile that, over three years and through the combined efforts of several people and groups, made the journey from New York to New Orleans to be installed in homes being rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. The TUUL-Belt Ministry, a volunteer building-program led by the Rev. Scott Sammler-Michael, minister of the Accotink UU Church in Burke, Va., contributed $3,000 to pay for half of the tiles to be shipped to Louisiana. (New York Times – 11.11.08)

UUs focus on justice, social issues
A week after the elections, members of the UU Church of San Mateo and other community members held a peaceful protest against Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriages in California. (San Mateo Daily Journal – San Mateo, CA 11.12.08)

The Countryside UU Church in Palatine, Ill., hosted a three-day conference on homelessness attended by 200 teens. (Schaumburg Review – Elgin, IL 11.10.08)

The UU Fellowship of Santa Cruz County, Calif., passed a resolution against torture as part of the National Day of Witness for a Presidential Order to Ban Torture. (Bay Area Indymedia – San Francisco 11.10.08)

Sally Armstrong, a noted human rights activist, author, and documentary filmmaker, spoke at the Unitarian Congregation of Mississauga, Ontario, about the predicament of women in Afghanistan. (Mississauga News – Ontario, Canada 11.10.08)

A look back at UU history
The Troy Record looks at the news from Nov. 12, 1908, when American Unitarians were all abuzz about the election of one of their own: President William Howard Taft. (Troy Record – Troy, NY 11.11.08)

Maine group works to preserve historic church
The First Parish Preservation Foundation, which works to fund restoration projects on the First Parish UU Church in Biddeford, Maine, spoke to the community about the importance of the historic building. (Biddeford Journal Tribune – Biddeford, ME 11.13.08)

Eating responsibly
A series of discussions about locally grown and organic food at the Murray UU Church in Attleboro and the First Universalist Society of Franklin, Mass., culminated in a special potluck dinner. The story includes recipes for several of the dishes! (Attleboro Sun Chronicle – Attleboro, MA 11.12.08)

Same-sex marriage in California, and more election news

California couples race to marry before Election Day
The Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff, minister of the UU Fellowship of Kern County in Bakersfield, Calif., noticed a major increase in same-sex weddings as couples rushed to marry before Election Day and the Proposition 8 vote, which would outlaw same-sex marriages. (TurnTo23.com – Bakersfield, CA 11.3.08)

Fearing that Proposition 8 would pass, the First UU Society of San Francisco stayed open until the polls closed Tuesday in order to marry any same-sex couples who had a marriage license free of charge. (abc7news.com – San Francisco 11.03.08)

A photo of the First UU Society of San Francisco appears (third down) in a roundup of Election Day photos. (SF Weekly Blogs – San Francisco 11.4.08)

See also: Unitarian Universalists work to preserve gay marriage in California (uuworld.org – 10.20.08)

UUs voice Election Day opinions
The Rev. Marc Fredette of the First UU Parish in Waltham, Mass., explains why he was one of more than 50 clergy members supporting a state initiative decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. (The initiative passed.) (Boston Herald – 11.4.08)

The Rev. Bruce Davis of the Evergreen UU Fellowship in Marysville, Wash., speaks in favor of a state initiative to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill people who have less than six months to live. (The initiative passed.) (Lynnwood Enterprise – Lynnwood, WA 11.2.08)

The Rev. Daniel Budd of the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland joins other clergy to weigh in with his thoughts on what effect the election will have on America’s changing religious landscape. (The Plain Dealer – cleveland.com – Cleveland, OH 11.3.08)

Also in the media:

Members of Cincinnati’s First Unitarian Church choir took the law into their hands when they chased and caught a would-be thief. (WLWT – Cincinnati, OH 11.2.08)

As the Tennessee Valley UU Church prepared for its third annual “Walk for Nonviolence,” 25 Knoxville-area churches and community groups declared 2009 a Year of Nonviolence in East Tennessee. (WBIR-TV – Knoxville, TN 11.1.08)

Dave Dierdorff, board chairman of the Juneau UU Fellowship, writes about the importance of churches in these troubled times. (Juneau Empire – Juneau, AK 10.31.08)

A quote from the Rev. Forrest Church, author and minister of public theology at All Souls Church in New York City, is the Dallas Morning News’ Quote of the Day. (Dallas Morning News – Dallas, TX 11.3.08)

UUs fight to keep marriage rights, and more

UUs fight to defeat California’s Proposition 8
UUs have appeared in several articles about California’s Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that would overturn the state Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized same-sex marriage and would change the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

ABC News covers the reaction of religious people on both sides of the argument: those praying to stop same-sex marriage and those desperately trying to keep it legal. (ABC News -10.29.08)

The Modesto Bee looks specifically at those who are against Proposition 8 and why. (Modesto Bee – Modesto, CA 10.25.08)

The Santa Barbara Independent examines the history of similar propositions in California and talks to local clergy about why they are for or against Proposition 8. (Santa Barbara Independent – Santa Barbara, CA 10.26.08)

See also:
Unitarian Universalists work to preserve gay marriage in California (uuworld.org – 10.20.08)
Unitarian Universalists mobilize against state ballot initiatives (uuworld.org – 10.31.08)

Haunted graveyards and Halloween giving
A man in South Carolina writes about his encounter with Mary Bloomfield,
a ghost who walks the Unitarian Churchyard
in Charleston, waiting for her husband to return from his ill-fated trip to Boston. (WCNC – Charlotte, NC 10.29.08)

Kids at the UU Congregation of Erie, Pa., will be doing some reverse trick-or-treating this Halloween, visiting houses to give people a sample and information about Fair Trade chocolate. They’ll also be raising money for UNICEF. (GoErie.com – Erie, PA 10.25.08)

Congregations improving themselves and their communities
Across the religious traditions, houses of worship are becoming increasingly eco-friendly in an effort to save both money and the environment. (Boston Globe – 10.26.08)

Earlier this year the UU Congregation of Rock Valley, Ill., moved into an old school building. Now members are looking for school archives, artifacts, and memorabilia to learn more about their new home. (Rockford Register Star – Rockford, IL 10.29.08)

The Albany Times Union profiles Melissa MacKinnon, RE director at the First Unitarian Society of Schenectady, and learns more about her congregation’s emphasis on community involvement. (Albany Times Union – Albany, NY 10.25.08)

The UU Society of Stamford, Ct., held its first Pro-Am Charity Chili Cook Off, which netted about 512 pounds of nonperishable food for the local food bank. (Stamford Advocate – Stamford, CT 10.26.08)

Words of a Wiccan
Amber K, author of True Magick: A Beginner’s Guide and several other books on Wicca, talks about her Wiccan faith and how she discovered it while working as a Unitarian RE director. (Santa Fe Reporter – Santa Fe, NM 10.29.08)

The power of prudence
The Rev. Dr. Tess Baumberger, minister of the Unity Church of North Easton, Mass., reflects on the value of prudence as a virtue. (Norton Mirror – Raynham, MA 10.23.08)

Gay marriage dominates media, and other matters

Marriage equality

As Californians go to the polls this year, they are presented with Proposition 8, which would amend the state constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. Amendment 2 in Florida proposes a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Florida. It requires a 60% majority to pass.

USA Today’s coverage of California’s Propostion 8 features UU Jan Garbosky. (USA Today – 10.24.08)

The Rev. Chris Bell and Andrew Hidas, the minister and the president of the board of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Santa Rosa, speak out against Proposition 8 (Press Democrat – Santa Rosa, CA 10.19,08), as does the Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig, minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Stockton (The Record – San Joaquin, CA 10.12.08)

“No on Prop 8″ signs on Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno property vandalized. (KFSN-TV – Fresno, CA 10.16.08)

The Rev. Vail Weller of the Unitarian Universalist Church in San Mateo speaks at rally opposing Proposition 8 (cbs5.com – Redwood City, CA 10.16.08) and the rest of the church is involved as well. (San Mateo County Times – San Mateo, CA 10.16.08)

First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego continues its decades-long support of GLBT issues by opposing Proposition 8. (Gay & Lesbian Times – San Diego, CA 10.23.08)

The Rev. Meredith Garmon, co-minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville opposes Florida’s Amendment 2. (The Gainesville Sun – Gainesville, FL 10.11.08)

The engagement of the Rev. Manish Mishra to Jeff Marzetti is reported in story on Florida’s Amendment 2. (St Petersburg Times – St Petersburg, FL 10.15.08)

The Rev. Sarah Stewart, minister of the Starr King Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, profiled for providing counseling before both marriages and civil unions. (The Citizen of Laconia – Laconia, NH 10.12.08)

UU history

The centennial of one of the first suffragist marches in the United States, which was organized by a Unitarian relief minister, is to be celebrated this Saturday in Boone, Iowa. (Des Moines Register – Des Moines, IA 10.20.08)

Margaret Fuller celebrated during church’s 300th anniversary. (SouthCoastToday.com – New Bedford, MA 10.18.08)

In the congregations

Unitarian Universalist Society of Fairhaven holds six-session “Menu for the Future” course as part of Green Sanctuary process. (SouthCoastToday.com – Fairhaven, MA 10.15.08)

Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware profiled for social justice work. (Delmarvanow.com – Lewes, DE 10.15.08)

Our basic message, welcoming new ministers, and more

Promoting our basic message

The Rev. Cynthia Cain, minister of the UU Church of Lexington, Ky., writes about the UU faith and why, right now, what people really need is each other. (Kentucky.com – Lexington, KY 10.4.08)

Progressive radio the goal for local activist …she started fundraising and, before long, raised almost $6000 from a national Unitarian Universalist organization. (Norman Transcript – Norman, OK 10.5.08)

Unitarian Universalists stress acceptance of all. (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester, NY 10.6.08)

New ministers

After a two-year search, members of the UU Church of Cheyenne, Wy., welcomed the Rev. Suzanne Meyer as their new minister.(Wyoming Tribune – Cheyenne, WY 10.6.08)

The Rev. Aaron White becomes the new minister of the San Marcos, Tex., UU Fellowship. (San Marcos Daily Record – San Marcos, TX 10.7.08)

The Rev. Emily Gage, the new minister of faith development at Unity Temple, grew up in the Unitarian Universalist tradition in Pittsburgh. (Wednesday Journal – Oak Park, IL 10.7.08)

Building renovations

The Kirkwood Eliot Unitarian Chapel, which was built in 1859, has housed the congregation for nearly 50 years and is getting a much-needed facelift. (Webster Kirkwood Times – St. Louis, MO 10.3.08)

Forrest Church in the New York Times, and more

UU ministers in the headlines
The New York Times joined the crowd at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City as the Rev. Forrest Church, who is dying from cancer, gave a repeat performance of his farewell sermon. (New York Times – 9.29.08)

See also: Love and Death (UU World – Summer 2008)

The Boston Globe looks at the work and spiritual journey of the Rev. Nora Fitzpatrick, the first openly gay minister of the First Parish Church of Berlin, Mass. (Boston Globe – 9.28.08)

The State Journal-Register profiles the intricate faith of the Rev. Ed Hardy, a Buddhist, atheist, and minister of the First Parish UU Church in Bridgewater, Mass. (The State Journal-Register – Springfield, IL 9.28.08)

The Rev. Ann Fox of the Unitarian Memorial Church in Fairhaven, Mass., traveled to New Zealand as a ‘peace pilgrim.‘ (Advocate – New Bedford, MA 10.2.08)

In the congregations
The LiveARTS Sunday Concert Series, a nonprofit, nonsectarian affiliate of the First Universalist Society of Franklin, Mass., started with the congregation’s own Schimmel grand piano. (Milford Daily News – MA 9.26.08)

Churches in Long Beach, Calif., are divided on California’s Proposition 8, a proposed same-sex marriage ban initiative, with area UUs coming to the defense of marriage equality. (Long Beach Press-Telegram – Long Beach, CA 9.28.08)

The UU Church of Elgin, Ill., the picture of a “green sanctuary,” is hosting its annual Prairie Fest to inform and inspire the community about environmental responsibility. (The Courier News – Elgin, IL 9.27.08)

Lay people take the reins of the UU Congregation in Andover, Mass., after their minister, the Rev. Ralph Galen, moves on. (Andover Townsman – Andover, MA 10.2.08)

UUs embrace social justice causes and more

UUs embrace social justice causes
Youth at the UU Congregational Society of Westboro, Mass., join those from several other area churches participating in the Tents of Hope project, which helps raise awareness of refugee conditions in Darfur. (Worcester Telegram – Worcester, MA 9.19.08)

See also: Tents draw attention to Darfurian refugees’ plight (uuworld.org – 9.8.08)

An opinion piece in the Ithaca Journal talks about the work of religious denominations, including UUs, who are participating in the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. (Ithaca Journal – Ithaca, NY 9.25.08)

The UU Congregation of Greater Naples, Fla., joined PFLAG, the ACLU, and others at a rally to urge voters to reject an amendment that would legally define marriage as being between a man and woman. (Naples Daily News – Naples, FL 9.20.08)

The Social Justice Council of the UU Fellowship of Gainesville, Fla., succeeded in its effort to secure after-school bus service for children of a low-income housing project, which will allow the kids to use afterschool programs. (AM850 – FL 9.19.08)

Reflections on the nature of death
The Rev. Virginia Wolf, minister emerita of the UU Congregation of Eau Claire, Wisc., reflects on the idea that death is a natural, essential part of our lives. (Leader-Telegram – Eau Claire, WI 9.19.08)

Atheists becoming more outspoken
A Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life study released earlier this year showed that 16 percent of Americans are religiously unaffiliated and about 2 percent each describe themselves as “atheist” or “agnostic”—and this group is becoming increasingly vocal in response to an increased emphasis on religion in the United States. (Louisville Courier-Journal – Louisville, KY 9.24.08)

Pagan festival raises funds for Knoxville
A Pagan Pride Festival at the Westside UU Church in Farragut, Tenn., raised $750 to benefit the victims of the Tennessee Valley UU shooting and collected a food for a local food bank. (Knoxville News Sentinel – Knoxville, TN)

See also: UUs Respond to Tragedy in Knoxville (UUA.org)

Stories of UU individuals
The Yellow Springs News looks at the long and music-filled life of Mitzi Manny, a member of the UU Musicians Network, who is preparing to celebrate her 90th birthday. (Yellow Springs News – Yellow Springs, OH 9.18.08)

The Rev. Ann Fox of the UU Society of Fairhaven, Mass., spent her sabbatical in New Zealand in search of peace and a transforming experience. (SouthCoastToday.com – New Bedford, MA 9.20.08)

The Rev. Deane Oliva talks about racial equality and avoiding labels during her first sermon as the new minister of the UU Church of Evansville, Ind. (Evansville Courier & Press – Evansville, IN 9.20.08)

The Salem News presents a short profile on the Rev. Frieda Gillespie, the new minister of the Northshore UU Church in Danvers, Mass. (The Salem News – Beverly, MA 9.23.08)

Madison’s UU-Jewish connection
The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle takes a look at the long-standing relationship between the Unitarian and Jewish communities in Madison as a Jewish congregation moves into the First Unitarian Society of Madison. (Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle – Madison, WI)

Ethical Society’s return to roots, reflections on Knoxville, and more

Ethical Society hires UU leader
The Washington Post writes that the humanistic Washington Ethical Society hoped for a return to its roots when it recently hired a UU minister as its new leader. (Washington Post – 9.13.08)

See also: Ethical Culture’s humanist legacy (UU World – Fall 2008)

Reflecting on Knoxville shooting
The Rev. Chris Buice, minister of the Tennessee Valley UU Church in Knoxville, Tenn., appeared on last Friday’s Bill Moyer’s Journal to discuss the Knoxville shootings and the effects of hate speech in right-wing media. Watch a video of the 20-minute segment. (PBS – 9.12.08)

Susan Ford, a former Knoxville UU Church member, will run in an upcoming Ironman Florida competition to raise funds for the UUA’s Knoxville Relief Fund and as a way of dealing with her grief over the recent shootings. (Cookeville Herald Citizen – Cookeville, TN 9.17.08)

See also: UUs Respond to Tragedy in Knoxville (UUA.org)

UUs mark anniversary of 9/11
The UU Society of Martha’s Vineyard in Vineyard Haven, Mass., held a small gathering in remembrance of September 11. (Martha’s Vineyard Gazette – Edgartown, MA 9.12.08)

Celebrating a Unitarian’s ‘most popular’ Christmas song
September marks the 151st anniversary of what is purportedly the most popular Christmas song of all time, “Jingle Bells,” which was written by Unitarian James Pierpont in 1857. (Dublin Courier Herald – Dublin, GA 9.16.08)

Interfaith group calls for increased federal aid to Gulf
The Rev. Bill Schulz, chairman of the UU Service Committee board of directors; Charles Clements, UUSC president and CEO; and Meg Riley, UUA director of Advocacy and Witness, were part of a large interfaith group that signed a statement calling for stepped-up federal efforts to aid in the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast area. (Dallas Morning News – Dallas, TX 9.15.08)

Personal reflections on liberalism, our faith
The Rev. Paul Britner, minister of the UU Fellowship of Montgomery, Ala., writes about taking pride in being a “liberal.” (Montgomery Advertiser – Montgomery, AL 9.12.08)

Jean Hislop, a member of the Social Action Committee of the UU Congregation of Danbury, Ct., writes about what convinced her that Unitarian Universalism was the right faith for her. (Danbury News Times – Danbury, CT 9.13.08)

In the congregations
Hundreds showed up for the annual Empty Bowls event sponsored by the Prescott UU Fellowship and the Granite Peak UU Congregation, which generates about $15,000 for Arizona food banks each year. (Sun Shopper – Prescott, AZ 9.14.08)

The Rev. Tony Lorenzen of Pathways UU Church in Southlake, Tex., will lead a candlelight vigil in support of gay, lesbian, and transgender rights. (Fort Worth Star Telegram – Fort Worth, TX 9.13.08)

The Open Circle UU Fellowship in Fond du Lac, Wisc., celebrates the opening of its new permanent home in a renovated print shop. (The Reporter – Fond du Lac, WI 9.16.08)

The Schenectady Gazette profiles Melissa MacKinnon, who was recently made director of religious education at the First Unitarian Society of Schenectady, N.Y. (Schenectady Gazette – Schenectady, NY 9.13.08)

The Capital Times takes a look at the long-standing relationship between the First Unitarian Society of Madison, Wisc., and a local Jewish congregation. (The Capital Times – Madison, WI 9.17.08)

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