UU bloggers consider 9/11 anniversary

In the past week, many UU bloggers have shared their memories and thoughts about the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. A few of those posts are here; more UU blogging about the anniversary is available at UUpdates.

Deb Weiner remembers her work ten years ago, coordinating the UUA’s electronic communications about the tragedy, and also recalls how beautiful the weather was that day.  (Morning Stars Rising, September 6 and 9)

The Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis encourages us to practice “counter-terrorism in the heart,” to “unguard our wounded hearts and let them soften again.”  (Keep the Faith, September 8 and 9)

The Rev. Dan Harper shares his memories of that day and its impact on his life; then he considers that impact in the context of “the grand scheme of things.”  (Yet Another Unitarian Universalist, September 10)

The Rev. Gary Kowalski offers a prayer that “that the harsh combustion of that day might even now cast a more gentle light.” (Revolutionary Spirits, September 7)

For the Rev. Cynthia Landrum, September 11 is “intricately woven with the beginning of [her] ministry.”  (RevCyn, September 10)

The Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason details her “private devotions,” as a New Yorker with a “pronounced sense of having being spared.”  (The Rev Dr., September 9)

The Rev. Kit Ketcham writes that “because of our vengeful response, we have estranged ourselves from much of the world, from our own best interests, from our own best nature.”  (Ms. Kitty’s Saloon and Road Show, September 11)

For the Rev. Debra Haffner, this anniversary reminds us “that we need each other, that a faith community provides a place where we can search together for our own answers to the big questions and to the joys and tragedies of life.”  (Sexuality and Religion, September 9)

The Rev. Fred Wooden asks the news media to focus on the lives of those who perished, rather than the act of terror.  (Aside from the Obvious, September, 9)

Doug Stowe writes about artistic expression as way to heal from trauma.  (Wisdom of the Hands, September 11)

The Rev. Justin Schroeder reports that First Universalist in Minneapolis launched ten “hope journals,” in which people will write their “hopes and dreams for what the next ten years might look like in our country and the world.”  (The Well, September 11)

ChaliceChick finds herself unmoved by the anniversary, and agrees with Salon.com columnist Laura Miller that “9/11 was a tragedy made to be a media spectacle.”  (The Chaliceblog, September 12)

Christine Leigh Slocum also feels detached from “politicized memorials to terrible things,” and prays, “May everyone rest in peace. Including the living.”  (Syracusan in Seattle, September 12)